Sunday, April 22, 2012

Pastel Roses Wedding Cake

This wedding cake was for my daughter's kindergarten class.  They celebrated the wedding of the Letter Q with the Letter U.  The wedding was a big event for the kindergarteners, the parents, and the teachers.  I made the wedding cake, another parent played the flute, another parent did the videography, and many others contributed to the great event.

This was my first time using this design.  Each layer of the cake sits on a thick base lined with a ribbon matching the color of the layer.  I think it creates a nice separation between the layers and gives the illusion that each layer is very tall.

Here are the instructions on making the cake base.

Here is the recipe for the French Sponge Cake recipe that I used for the cake.

And here is a video on how I decorated the top layer.

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  1. Dear Anh, your Work is amazing and soooo beautiful.I lOVE YOUR WORK :-) Please please please i havent found a good recipe for Buttercream ( or frosting? ) is on cupcake top or here in your picture the roses on wedding cake. Can I have one recipe for try this cake too? Thanks and greetings from Germany :-)