Monday, April 23, 2012

Tall Cake Base

These are the instructions for making the base for a tall cake. This base is to be wrapped using your favorite ribbon, so it has to be as thick as the ribbon that you wish to use. This base will give the illusion that your cake is much taller than it actually is.

Thick Styrofoam (1 in thick)
Plain Cardboard
Poster Board
Wax Paper
Glue Gun
Craft Scalpel

Step 1.  Trace the shape of your cake pan onto thick styrofoam (1x), plain cardboard (2x), and poster board (2x)

Step 2. Cut out the circles with the craft scalpel.

Step 3.  Wrap the poster board circles with wax paper and use tape to secure them.

  Step 4. Use the glue gun to glue layers together as shown in the picture.

Step 5. Cut out a strip of regular white paper to the same thickness as the base then glue it all around the edge of the base.

Step 6. Once you are ready to put your cake together for decoration, wrap the base with your choice of ribbon.

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