Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Ocean Beach Cake

I created this pair of cakes for my daughter's 3rd grade end of the year celebration.  All the 3rd grade classes went to a public pool for a field trip.  I thought an ocean beach theme would be appropriate.  There were 3 sets of classes that day, with each class having around 34 students, so I had to make sure there was enough cake.

I made the water by air brushing blue food color, and extra dollops of white icing to mimic ocean foam.  The sand bars are made with chocolate icing covered with brown sugar.  The little ocean animals on the beach are pre-made sugar animals that I bought.  The fish around the sides of the cake are multi-color goldfish crackers with a few more sugar animals.  And the kelp fronds are made from fruit rollups that I cut out and curled.

One cake is dark cholocate and the other is french sponge cake.

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