Tuesday, February 26, 2013

Blocks in a Cart Cake

I made this cake for my nephew's first birthday this past weekend.  The blocks are sponge cake covered in colored melted chocolate.  The letters are cut out from sugar sheets.  The animal faces are molded sugar candies that I bought from a store.  The whole base of the cart is also sponge cake iced with Pastry Pride icing.  The wheels are sugar cookies also covered in melted chocolate and sprinkled with some colored sprinkles. The string for the cart is also cut out from sugar sheets.  So everything is edible!


  1. Hello I’ve been watching all your videos about cake decorating and all the flower cakes and I did see you made a whipped cream frosting video, is that the same frosting you use for all the cakes even the flower cakes and flower bouquets? Just curious because your flower cakes come out really beautiful and the frosting looks very thick almost like a buttercream frosting thank you so much and your very inspiring-Andrea p.s sorry I posted a comment on this posting that has nothing to do with what I’m asking I didn’t see a email address

    1. Hi Andrea. For most of my cakes, I use a product called Pastry Pride. It's sold in stores like Smart & Final and Costco. I made the whipped cream frosting video for those that could not get Pastry Pride in their location. It's a good substitute but takes longer to prepare. Pastry Pride is just so simple to use. It comes in liquid form and you simply whip it up and add color.