Saturday, July 27, 2013

Sweet Sixteen Cake

My daughter's classmate's sister is having a Sweet Sixteen Birthday and I made this for her. She brought a picture of another cake that she saw that had very pretty floral prints on the cake. I tried my best to achieve the same feel and style of the cake without exactly copying the design.
To achieve this design I used rice paper. I used floral patterned stamps and food coloring. And I did a little bit of hand painting to add a few additional details to the flowers. Then I cut out the painted rice paper and simply placed it onto the icing. The icing is just the usual icing that I use, Pastry Pride. The rice paper sticks to the icing very well and the food coloring is not bleeding into the icing. I think it turned out alright. What do you think? I have a close up picture of the cake bellow.